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Friday, August 10, 2001
Baptizng myself

Planet of the Apes, just so I could soak up the A/C at the theater Wednesday night.

The episode of Diff'rent Strokes I saw taped 20 years ago, where Kimberly takes a picture of Arnold's tushy when he gets out of the shower and wns a photo contest with it.

Giligan's Island and Laverne & Shirley reruns, though somehow I missed the theme songs for both -- blasphemy!

Nick at Night, much?

VH1's top 100 albums of all time.

Nothng I remember specifically enough to quote, but I'm beng a bad little eavesdropper.

30 n 18 days -- when the hell did that happen?

I'm just sittn' here watchn' the wheels go 'round and 'round.

At the MTV store for the little bro. They only have about 2 dozen products, and the displays are predictably pretentious and arty. It was so packed, I almost had to whack someone upside the head.

I am...strangely happy n the ran. Maybe because it was pretty rare, growng up n Southern California.

As a teenager, I loved the look of thngs after the ran and always went walkng to the back of a neighbor's property where it was quiet, calm and seemed cleaner after the ran. I'd stare at their horses and daydream. It's no accident that ran symbolizes rebirth, renewal and redemption. Thngs seem cleaner, clearer, purer after a good ran -- very much the way you feel after a good cry.

It's been so unreasonably hot the last few days that the ran was especially welcome. It was 95 today and 100 yesterday, but with the heat ndex, it felt about 10 degrees hotter. When a breeze fnally came upon me, I regretted ever havng wished for it, as it was even hotter and made me crnkle up my face n alarm.

Today I fnally got out for lunch at 2:30. The big buzz was that the weather had turned so drastically that the sky was black and that Madonna had just left her apartment nearby. I took a bunch of pictures n the area earlier today, but I really love New York n the ran, so I took my camera out with me.

I left the buildng to fnd light sprnkles sendng graceful ripples across the puddles from the earlier, heavier ran.

puddle (7k image)

Madonna's buildng -- I don't thnk it's the one from Rosemary's Baby, but it remnds me of it, somehow. Big, old, elegant, classic.

madonna_bldg (14k image)

I especially like sight of taxis n the ran, wndsheild wipers gong swish-SWOSH, the sound the tires make on the wet asphalt and the red glow of their lights n the wet streets below.

rany_cab2 (7k image)

rany_cabs (8k image)

rany_cpw (6k image)

rany_cpw2 (8k image)

This man caught me takng his picture.

madonna_man (7k image)

He walked up to me and asked if I'd seen Madonna. It had been an hour and a half before, so of course I'd been at work. He said she was checkng him out. I'm not sure if I laughed at him or with him.

Just then the ran began to pour down n great, big, sploochy drops. That's my favorite. I was soaked n a few seconds, but then I just leaned up aganst The Material One's buildng and let myself get drenched. It stung my eyes a bit, but felt great on my skn, even where it made my clothes clng. It smells like all is right with the world.

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