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Saturday, July 28, 2001
Livng n a Dream

Harold and Maude at Riverflicks, an outdoor festival on Pier 25 on the Hudson. If you've read much of my journal at all, you'll know it's my all-time favorite movie. It has the best settng, music, story, soul, writng and cast.

When did white girls start wearng cornrows agan? I saw a few last week, one outside with tnfoil holdng the beads on just like n the ghetto and a little girl here n the dner. There's a fne lne between embracng other cultures and pillagng them for trendy styles. Please, no Bo Derek redux.

Geekng... Syncng my new cell phone with my Palm and Outlook. The only drawbacks are that the phone only holds 99 entries (but with multiple numbers for each), so I had to manually delete numbers I don't need at hand, like to the womens residence where I live. Now I only need to enter a few numbers from my old phone manually. How sad is it that I spent so much time dong that and how much sadder that I am writng about it?

Bubby's Pie Company, a cozy, kitschy, uber-friendly, granny's cookng little place on N. Moore Street. Great food, but the man thng is they were extraordnarily sweet. When Kiki and I asked if we could switch tables the waiter said, "Of course! It's your home, too."

A guy with his toenails polished dark green. Not n Chelsea, but on 72nd and Broadway!

I am...sittng n the Broadway Dner, fnally havng wrested myself from the comfort of Rob's La-Z-Boy and gone out nto the world.

I'm recoverng from yet another long, hard week. Yesterday my boss worked from home, but I thnk that only gave me more to do. I'm with my boss though, as he says -- work hard, play hard. Today it's time to play. And shop.

I ended up workng 2 hours late -- between my boss beng out, the network behavng badly, helpng someone from the Myannmar (Burma) branch settle n and preppng a dossier for a major event on Sunday.

Today my plan is to go up to Harlem for a little shoppng -- I'd like a cheap pair of sandals and sun dress to live out the last two months of summer and a few more pairs of the undies I found there a few weeks ago. I'd never worn strng biknis, even when I was a size 6, I always thought they'd ride up to my throat, which is why I don't like the gigantic, granny panties that most stores apparently expect fat women to wear.

To my delight, they fit as well as the hi-cut, jockey-styel briefs I've always preferred and don't require extraction from my behnd or waist. Hey, just thnk of all the pervs who are gong to fnd this entry!

After that, I'd like to pick up some accessories for my new cell phone. Snce my old one could scarcely hold a charge for 8 hours, I'm lovng this new one. It's been especially bad snce searchng for the digital network n the subway and work runs down the battery somethng awful, as does turnng it off n a van attempt to save battery power. The Sprnt store n Times Square even let me swap my battery for a brand new one, but it's actually worse.

I'd tried to call customer service a few times, but either the wait time was too long or I'd get disconnected. Then, a few weeks ago, I got out of the subway and received a call from a customer service rep because the records showed I'd called n a few times and not been helped.

I must say, their customer service is superior -- n terms of professionalism, courtesy and the end results. They've always given me extra time credits when I've had a problem, without a lot of fuss. Between that and the quality of the network (and the lack thereof that I hear from friends on other services), I've stuck with them despite problems with two phones. The first phone wasn't their fault; it had nice features, but was far too small for my huge head. People couldn't hear me talk, even more so than my cursed, soft-spoken nature.

Anyway, I said I didn't thnk it was fair that I should have to spend $80 for a battery that might or might not work, so they gave me enough credit on my account that the phone only ended up costng $25. They were havng a half-off sale, so I could fnally afford a Motorola. I'd always wanted a StarTac, but they were far beyond my budget. Mne isn't the orignal model, but it's close enough that the book and charger are the same and it has twice the battery life that my old phone was supposed to have.

Snce this is the only way for friends to reach me, at least those who don't have email or who need to reach me directly, whether or not it works makes a major difference n this transition. As Fang said, the whole pont of the phone is beng able to, you know talk on it. It's no good if the battery runs out by the end of work, just when friends need to reach me, so we can meet up and God forbid if I actually wanted to have a lengthy conversation on the damn thng. Still, I'm coverng my bases by lookng for an extra battery, snce I hear they're not expensive.

Now it's off for shoppng way uptown then, I hope, meetng up with Jen for dnner, probably n the Village.

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Hi Erica,

Great to hear from you agan, I picked up the lnk of your new journal at HBI.

Did you write anythng before July?


Posted by Annie @ 07/31/2001 01:55 PM EST

Hi Annie, yes I've been writng all along. Just click on "Archives" at the bottom of the man ndex page, the one at http://eol.yeehaw.net

Good news, it looks like I'll be back n control of EricaJackson.com and ImEricaOnlne.com soon and then the journal can move back home.

Thanks for writng!

Posted by Erica @ 08/01/2001 07:50 PM EST

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