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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

The sidebar, like most New Yorkers, is against the war. It's not going to be on T.V., like in 1990. It will be right here, in our neighborhoods.

I am...inspired anew around other writers, or by a scrap of something I read.

Tonight, I went to an anti-war poetry reading and talk at school and ended up making some changes to "Daughter of the Hegemon." New and revised stanzas in italics:

Hegemon's children
iPod-cloaked reality
SUV freedom

Small or great, our wealth
at high stakes; yet we forget
"Third World" is people

Lazy citizens
Media ignores dissent
And corporate greed

Ever uncertain
Senseless, macho posturing
A zero sum game

Endless tit for tat
Can there be a safe end, if
Humans act godlike?

All claim to know best
God picked them over the rest
And loves others less

MLK once said
"Riot is the language of
the unheard." He knew

Youth -- eager, restless
Martyrdom and fame to gain
But nothing to lose

Her sudden husband
Arouses no suspicion?
Desperation wed

Will more be as blind?
So afraid of spinsterhood
Interloper's brides

And, when will it come
Subway, office, bus or in
Her too-happy home?

Paranoid? Lucid?
Prejudiced or just
Seeing all the signs

Hometown folks have said
"You wanted to be at the
attention's center"

But just not like this
Living in a state of fear

We, the new Nazis
Greatest purveyors of pain
Sold out for comfort

Hegemon's daughter
At the empire's demise
Pampered no longer

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