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Friday, January 3, 2003
Opening Windows

At a studio and a 1BR in Harlem. Not a bad walk to the subway, and about a 20 minute commute for me. The studio is $300 less and the 1BR is $165 less than I pay now, so that would make up the difference between the food and utilities included in my current rent.

I'm still holding out for low income housing, however, which offers even lower rents throughout the city.

Yesterday was 1/2/3.

12 hours of sleep, because I passed out after dinner. I didn't feel any more rested than when I have 4 or 5 (8 is too much as well).

My own cooking for most of the next two weeks, while I cat sit for R. I see a lasagne in my future, as well as many well-fed coworkers.

Not far, it was pretty miserable out this morning. On the way to work, I got to see the last of the previous night's snow washed away by the rain.

Myself to no more nerds...back to the young, cute assholes who at least know what they're doing. It's all about emotional celibacy.

My friend Brandy. I said something about certain types of men not being shy, as I thought, but "emotionally bankrupt."

She replied, "Maybe they never opened an account."

I am...making progress, in bits and pieces. The hold on my records at Cal State Foolerton was finally cleared up. I couldn't reach anyone in the transcript office to verify my transcripts were ever sent to CUNY and Columbia (the latter is moot until Summer term, anyway).

I don't know that there's an automatic update to the transcript office once a hold is cleared or if they check periodically. But at least CSUF recognized they were paid off 6 weeks ago, that's a step.

Also, an NYU financial aid officer, who has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty, called past lenders to confirm I no longer have loans in default (it's taking time for the information to get updated in the federal databases). As a result, he was able to reinstate my NYU scholarship of $4200, which is stellar news. With all the other questions I had (and the phone disconnecting us 3 times), I forgot to ask if that's based on full time or part time attendance. If part time, that's about 2/3 of my tuition for up to 3 classes.

If full time, that's about 1/3. It ain't cheap, but NYU has incredible resources and locations throughout the Village (my neighborhood), as well as a midtown center not far from my job.

More bad news, though...I don't qualify for further federal grants as an undergrad and I am very near my limit for loans. If CUNY doesn't receive my transcripts in time, it might be a matter of revising my plans and taking the remaining courses at NYU to get my degree from Republican U. There just isn't any way to finance 4 semesters at NYU as an undergrad, unless I find many outside scholarships.

Also, it seems that my CUNY application was processed as if I planned to attend City College, which is a
community college campus in Harlem. It's located about 125 blocks away from where I live and 100 blocks (plus a few avenues) away from work. So, that's not going to work.

BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) is a 10 minute bus ride, so why my application went through as city, I've no idea. I wanted CUNY's midtown center, also on 42nd Street near similar centers for NYU and SUNY. I also checked Hunter and Baruch Colleges as alternates.

It took CUNY 5 months to even acknowledge my application, so I'm not sure I can get the application switched over in time for the spring semester. It seems highly unlikely, especially if their financial aid office doesn't put in the time to make phone calls, as NYU did. I have to make some calls to them next week. It would certainly be a good idea to pay only $500-1000 to finish my degree at CSUF, instead of $6000.

However, I would like to take some additional courses in the arts and literature, to broaden my horizons before I enter a Master's program. Much of my reason for going back to school was to study things I'd skipped before, rather than just get the piece of paper. It was that race for the piece of paper that left me feeling so very uneducated 8 years ago.

After so many years out of school, I also think I could use some practice writing for college courses before diving into grad school. Not to mention the fact that I'm still not sure what to go to grad school for -- Political Science/International Relations, Women's Studies or an MFA. Too many interests, me.

I like the idea of an MFA (and it's offered at most places, including Smith and Columbia), because it seems the programs don't necessarily narrow the focus so much -- one can study art, painting, sculpture, photography and other creative areas, rather than focusing on, say, U.S. Foreign Policy in the
Middle East (fascinating though that is at the moment).

NYU even offers a Master's in Publishing, which might be a good thing. I seem to recall that one could start that mid-year, and not just the fall. I'll have to check the bulletin again. So many options again, just the way I like it.

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