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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Piles of filthy, black snow. Winter wonderland no more.

A middle-aged woman with fuchsia hair going down into Grand Central. It was really too early in the morning for that.

To the sound of thousands of New Yorkers trudging in step to work this morning. It was like something out of Brasil.

Too many of my cookies, but damn -- they're good!

Your love life is either feast or famine. Either you're lonely or you have too many people interested in you [just now, it's the latter]. Friends keep introducing you to someone they think is perfect. By asking what it all means, you distance yourself from the feeling.

Women Rabbis and Cantors wear yarlmulkes.

Everyone’s Christmas and Hanukkah presents this year, except Mom and the Boy’s. Even if I have yours done, I might not have money to send them. Hope you understand.

Jennifer from SoCal, if you’re reading this, I have your present, but no address! What happened to you, love?

I am...not one of the people who was called into my boss' office today. I'm not one of the ones who won't have a job three months from now.

I was one of the ones who was "safe," but who knew before others did. I do not, however, sit anywhere near the others...they sit together on the other side of the building. I didn't know who was going. I had to play dumb when people asked the purpose of the "special staff meeting" I emailed thme about.

I kept it to myself all day, praying for people, unable to look any of these people I adore in the eye.

I am lucky.

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