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Thursday, December 5, 2002
Goofy for the First Snow

Nyah, nyah Ana, we got your snow!

My Canadian coworker teasing others worried about getting home, "This is not dangerous, I finally feel like I'm home today!"

Another asked me to tell my boss to "Close down the school." Funny damn people here, I love it when a sense of humor isn't based on jokes at someone else's expense.

Bill Bryson again, and there is no reason I shouldn't finish this book in 2 days, it is such a great and funny book. If we do get sent home early, I vow to read it for several hours, the only foreseeable impediment being laughing myself unconscious.

Reruns of "That '70s Show" and finally realizing who Topher Grace reminds me of.

I am...not prone to waking up early, but today I did. I wasn't sure why my body would do that to itself, craving slumber as I do. But then I turned on NY1 and was reminded -- it was snowing.

Although this is my fourth winter in New York City, the first snow is still an exciting day for me. Also, the biggest snow in recent years was the winter of 2000-01, when I was in California. There were a few good snows my first two years here, but for the most part, the snow doesn't stick in the city. Someone told me once it's because of the ground being hollow with all the subways -- trains running like hot blood through the city's veins.

Of course, partly I am looking forward to the fabled snow day. There was one or two during the winter of 2000-01, but again, they are rare for the city. Now, getting into the city from some of the suburbs is another story, of course. Yesterday, my boss had a last-minute breakfast meeting and didn't tell me he wasn't coming into the office before his 10:00 meeting, so I was afraid he was trapped in the wild tundra of New Jersey.

Today, I might just get my wish. The snow has come down quite steadily since before I left my place at 8:20 and the blanket of snow outside my boss' windows grows ever more thick. Outside my window, I can see the steady snowfall, but would need acrobatic training to see the ground. Between the window and me are a 2 foot sill, a 1 foot gap and the return to my desk, with a lateral file cabinet. If I climbed over the file cabinet, I could sit in the window, but this is work and not home, so I don't.

There is talk of closing the office. The email also mentioned that, although food service was not originally scheduled, soups and sandwiches will be available. This is another of those small things that I like about this company.

At so many of my previous jobs, my productivity (slap me for using that word, please) was seriously hampered by people who didn't do their job. Obviously, if I can't complete a report without input from departments B, D and E and I have to keep reminding them for it, that's my time going down the toilet.

Not only is there sufficient staff to do the work that is expected (and, conversely, there isn't an unreasonable work load expected beyond what the staff can realistically accomplish), the company isn't thrown by regular occurrences, let alone contingencies. It's the proverbial, well-oiled machine. I thought it when I walked in from the snowy outdoors and noticed that a series of long mats had been placed between lobby and the elevators. This happens every time it rains, I've noticed.

Yes, shit happens, but we're prepared.

. . .

Snowy street
I stepped out to this scene this morning.

Snow on Sixth Avenue
Sixth Avenue

Union Square
Union Square. The striped tents are temporary holiday stores.

garbage in the snow
Even the garbage looks more charming with a blanket of snow.

Snow on St. Mark's Place
St. Mark's Place was lovely in the late afternoon. There's less salting and shoveling in the East Village, apparently.

Snow on St. Mark's Place trees
I love when the snow sticks to the trees, it just looks like a Christmas card.

Brownstones on St. Mark's Place
Brownstones on St. Mark's Place.

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