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Thursday, October 10, 2002
Handling It

These first, true fall days.

Not enough water. I always do this when the season's change.

Daria: Is it Fall Yet?, or at least the 2 bonus episodes.

My old boss' boss on the morning news. There was an anniversary celebration for Non-Prophet's New York operation today.

I realized I needed to leave when I saw an uplifting video at a fundraiser last winter and didn't recognize the place I worked at in it all. Very wonderful things take place in that building everyday, I don't deny that. I just wasn't anywhere that I could see them, behind piles of work.

Incredibly thankful to find a job that pays the bills and allows me to have a life. I know not everyone is so fortunate in this economy, especially in New York.

I am...actually having a few "rough" days at work. It's relative, of course. I'm a bit tired having worked a little overtime (maybe 10 hours in 2 weeks) to get out a massive shipping project. Still, at the end of the day, I'm not in the fetal position, crying because I don't have a moment's peace.

. . .

Commutingon the crosstown bus
Commuting on the crosstown bus. I am NOT a morning person.

. . .

What a difference, I just can't get over it. I thought it today when the guys from the mailroom came and took the 50 boxes I had to send out. They had the resources to do the job. Everyone else did their jobs. Although I had to coordinate sending materials from 20 departments to 13 regions, it was manageable with just one person helping on one afternoon.

Although the person who did this project previously said it was hell and required at least 3 temps for several days, another coworker helped me get the boxes packed, sealed and labeled yesterday. The entire process went fairly smoothly.

There were moments during which I panicked, thinking it just could not be done -- thousands of copies of hundreds of materials of various sizes and only a few weeks to design the database, input the orders, have the materials produced and ship them to the first regions.

Originally, my boss wanted me to just put the numbers into Excel, to "keep it simple." In the end, he's impressed that I can print reports to show totals ordered, regional breakdowns, packing lists and an availability report for the materials.

I knew it would make my job easier in the long run to provide this sort of information. Instead of having to count out all those materials myself, I was able to give the departments a detailed breakdown of orders by region, so that all I had to do was put the materials in boxes and check them off. Good thing, too, because that gave me the time to deal with last-minute substitutions, additions and mishaps.

Of course, it's not time to rest on my laurels -- I have to do the same thing for the remaining regions, 3-4 at a time, for the next 2 weeks and again in February.

I stopped this afternoon to appreciate my good fortune as I enjoyed the delicious salmon with spinach salad lunch for $3, prepared excellently by the corporate chef. It's nice to have an affordable, healthy delicious lunch on the days when the bag lunch from home is questionable.

It ain't perfect, I am starting to see the typical alliances and tensions, but they aren't as pronounced or severe as I've encountered at other jobs. Certainly I'm not excluded because people assume I'm the spy for the Big, Bad Bossman. I don't need to be everyone's buddy, but I certainly don't need to be everyone's enemy.

Now I have a boss with an office full of M&Ms and toys. People come by when they have the munchies or just to check out his goodies. It's a different world.

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