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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Coming Back to Me

Work at 4 on Friday. This is a very foreign concept, but I could get used to it. I used the extra time to get some business taken care of at NYU.

You're attracted to geniuses, artists and other special people. It's not because you want to bask in their glory. You actually crave the company of an equal. The possibility for romance seems epic right now.

"Crazy Peanut Butter" flavored frozen yogurt with James and his wife last night. She had a craving and why get the Reese's flavor when you can have "crazy?" I still can't figure out why it was called that, the chocolate wasn't "Manic-Depressive."

Through the old work neighborhood, which reminds me of so many fun, weird and confusing experiences.

Leaving the office before 6 everyday.

A man with large, dark, square glasses saying over and over, "If they want to strike, let 'em." I am not sure if he was talking about the bus drivers or what.

A man in Cooper Square filming a man in a Sun Records T-shirt, across the street.

More art tapes from the library.

More plastic surgery on the Discover Channel and on VH1 True Life. Ugh. It's so disturbing, because they are all good-looking kids. It astonishes me that anyone would have $5-40,000 for cosmetic surgery.

A propensity to ascribe sinister motivations to simple miscommunications.

That Van Gogh only began painting the last few years of his life. Also, his brother Theo believed so much in Vincent's art that he supported him and sent him art supplies.

How I can learn to spot this stuff in advance and spare myself some heartache.

How naive I've been.

To David, one of my gay godfathers in SoCal. It had been far too long. It's so good to catch up with an old friend. Our lives just take us in so many different directions and it's easy to feel forgotten, when that's the one thing I never am.

Over my own, ever-flattening/lengthening feet.

"When people throughout history get wood, they'll think Trojan!"
-The Simpsons

No one else walking by themself last night, until a drag queen hooker passed by and asked how I was doin' and then turned back to say, "When you've been blessed -- share it!"

I am...grateful. The Friday before last, my boss ordered me to go home at 4 because I'd worked hard all week. We're forbidden from working after 5 on Fridays and on all Saturdays, due to the Sabbath. It's nice to finally have found a job that enables one to have a life, rather than demanding one to give it up.

I was beginning to think it was just a New York thing to be required to work insanely long hours. It was never like that in California and supervisors were even adament about us taking breaks. Everyday, I am thankful I can take a lunch and leave at 5, without threat of termination.

. . .

A woman was selling the tiniest, little turtles on Lexington near 42nd last Friday. It was tempting, but I only had $5 on me and it was $15 for the turtle, box and food. Not a bad deal, altogether. But I've been leaving my cash at home, so I don't spend it. Besides, there are no pets allowed in the building. I'm really looking forward to getting my own apartment again, so I can have a pet, most likely a cat.

tiny turtles

. . .

After work this afternoon, I caught a local bus, instead of the express, which is only three stops from work to the Village (then I usually take a crosstown bus to the West Village). It was a nice day and I've thought a lot about walking home from work, so I got off around 22nd and decided to walk to Bed, Bath & Beyond to look for frames.

I've given so many of my photographs to friends as gifts, but never framed any for myself. I had a couple of 8x10s I never gave away and I've wanted to frame them for myself. Now that I'm not in a hallway at work, I can have some of my things there and take a bit of pride in the space. I'll eventually frame some of the black and photos from my cross country trip and New York, then hang them at home.

Bobo Fett and Metropolis

Walking across town, these metal statuettes of Bobo Fett from Star Wars and the woman (android?) from Metropolis caught my eye in the window at Flax. I didn't realize there was a Flax here, it's an institution in San Francisco. Always good to find more places to buy art supplies, or bad, from my wallet's point of view.

It turned out to be a stroke of luck, as I finally found some simple, black frames with mattes. There are already 3 hooks on the one wall at work, now it will not be so bare.

As it turns out, Bed, Bath & Beyond did not have any with true mattes, only cardboard cut-outs. I did find one there that's 16x20 with an 11x14 opening in which I'll put an enlargement of the Chrysler building and hang it between the two, horizontal 8x10s.

I've never been much for decorating, but I'm motivated of late to surround myself with my own creative works.

Gramercy Park door

Something about this door struck me. It was such a different style of architecture than in other parts of town.

Altogether, I walked about a mile and a half after work. It's just extraordinary to me, because there was a time when I could not walk to the corner to catch the bus. Nowadays, I run errands, meet friends, explore the city, write. I'm trying to regain balance, to get my life back and it feels marvelous.

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