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Friday, August 16, 2002

About 20 blocks (a mile) after work and feeling great! At the old job, sometimes I couldn?t make it to the corner to catch a bus. It?s such a difference.

Fudge and candies brought in by a co-worker who is a pastry chef.

Wednesday Library Night, as the local branch is open until 8 that day. It?s so great to be home in time for the trip to the ?bary, to have time (and the all-important energy) to pursue my outside interests.

An adorable, little, silver refrigerator at Odd Job, so I can keep some milk, juice, lunchmeat and salad in my room. It was a steal and will pay for itself in avoiding convenience-store prices and food thieves ransacking the common refrigerators.

Woman who nearly knocked me over to cut in front of me on the subway stairs. Subsequently, she fumbled in her purse, while blocking the Metrocard entrance.

That Wrath of God thunder this afternoon.

Wet, caught in a flash of heavy rain on Park Avenue.

An article I should've written in O Magazine, which I'd thought of, but lost faith in myself about selling. Let that be a lesson to me.

I am...getting used to my schedule at the new job. I?ve never been much of a morning person, but it?s certainly a far, far better thing I do when I dread the day not so completely. I have time for myself at lunch and afterward.

I need that - I need to think my own thoughts and work on my own projects, tap into my self a few times a day. Otherwise, there gets to be a traffic jam in my brain and stuff piles up.

I have been sending resumes out almost continuously since April 2001. The job situation in New York wasn?t great last summer, but after September 11th, the belts really tightened. One was happy to have a job at all and it seemed frivolous to complain or seek greener pastures when so many had lost their jobs, homes and, worst of all, their lives.

The thought that was with me continuously through that period was that I didn?t want to die a secretary, absorbed completely in making copies and preparing materials for other people?s meetings. I don't want to die without having pursued my dreams or achieved my goals.

. . .

During my first week at the job, I bumped into a woman from my residence on the walk to the bus after work one night. She was walking home and invited me to join her, but I had my uncomfortable work shoes on and couldn't walk that far.

It did get us to talking at home, which is good - there's always been just something about her. I?m also glad to finally have a name for her, and a lovely one at that, because I got sick of referring to her as "the woman with the little arm."

By coincidence, she's a writer, too. She got burned out on journalism after covering too many tragic stories. She's also working as an admin while she writes a novel.

Now that I wear my all-black Cons to work, I'm going to talk to her about walking home together a few nights a week, while the weather is still nice. It's only about 7 more blocks than I walked last night - Midtown East and the West Village aren't so very far apart. Now that I get off at work right at 5 most nights, I don?t have to worry about racing to get home for dinner by 7, I can enjoy the journey.

. . .

While I am trying to get SomeCrazyDame.com back after the mix up with Verisign, I must say I'm thankful that they didn't lose the payment for either of the other domains. While the Internet needs another mirror site for yet another portal, like it needs more porn and corporate dreck - I'm just thankful that, if I had to lose a domain, it's one I haven't had time to develop since its inception as a 'zine two years ago.

It could have been much worse - imagine potential clients and agents going to EricaJackson.com and finding porn! It's bad enough that Erica.com went that route years before I even thought to register a domain, but I'd hate to lose the site that's on my C.V.

I didn't realize that Verisign sends out lists of domains pending expiration, so smarmy portals and pornographers can buy up domains, hoping either to absorb traffic and search hits, or to extort hundreds of dollars (I was asked for my "best offer," with anything below $500 dismissed as "ridiculous") from the domain's former owner.

One wonders if that little scheme is why the renewal for SCD was never invoiced, as were EricaJackson.com and Imericaonline.com. When I received the 60 day notice for SCD, I called Verisign to be sure I could mail a payment in and that there was still time to do so. At that point, the account was supposed to be put on hold for 15 days. Needless to say, it wasn't. Now that the domain is no longer registered through Verisign, the payment no longer had an account to be connected with and they've lost it entirely.

I've got the task of moving the archives to IEOL on my already-long TO DO list, but it will be a while. As for the 'zine it was to be, I just don't have time to chase down and supervise writers and so I don't know what I'll do about that. At the very least, I was able to use it to learn Flash, Director and Dreamweaver and earn an A in my multimedia course to boot.

I just have far too many projects I want to pursue, too many ideas to bring to fruititon. Still, I try to keep the faith that if I work hard and believe in them, they will blossom into something wonderful.

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