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Monday, July 22, 2002
Job Hunting?

The sidebar is completely ambivalent about everything as well.

I am...applying for jobs, much to my surprise. About the only thing I'd like is to get a job at a local university, to get free tuition. That was always a goal of mine since I came to New York, but always took the first job offered instead.

I'm also applying to agencies and production centers to do presentations and word processing at night in the financial district. I also thought of this as a way to survive when I first came to NY and never got around to it.

I hope there's less drama during the swing and graveyard shifts. Also, I would make as much money as I did at my last job, but not have to get up at such a ridiculous hour, nor be unable to pursue writing or even doctor appointments during the day.

Perhaps I need to be humble and accept that a steady job is a necessity to survive here until I make a name for myself as a writer. However, it screws me up entirely getting up at an hour my body hates, then being exhausted during all of my free time. Jobs are like men, I need most of the perks, but less of a commitment.

I just don't know how to get out there and sell my writing. That part's always bothered me. But I am going to see if a book agent I know will have lunch with me and give me some ideas of how to go about things.

I feel creepy approaching people like that, but that lack of drive is why no-talent hacks are in print everyday, while I languish in obscurity. No mas.

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