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Wednesday, July 3, 2002
(Re)applying Myself

Like a motherfucker. It is running down my face and back. Luckily, my friend Rob is out of town, so I'm going up to his place to enjoy the A/C, so I can sleep.

For a safe celebration, as well as for the electricity to hold out, unlike the horrible summer of 1999.

Not so much since last Tuesday. I had dinner with an old friend I don't see nearly enough.

A red dinner plate with black and yellow designs. A trivet (larger tile) painted like stained glass with a black band in the middle with the word "Illumination" in yellow.

My degree in New York or SF?

Me, A Memoir, sometimes. I finally got myself a New York Public Library card, I've no idea why I didn't do that before. I have 13 books out!

Several are on wicca, tarot, palmistry and the like -- I am particularly reading one called Book of Shadows, about a woman who found wicca as she began her career in law.

Group, a movie about 8 women in group therapy. It was funny, sad, tender, rough and fascinating. Lola Rock 'n Rolla was there and even hotter in person.

It was free with an ad in Time Out and I won a CD of the soundtrack, too!

I am...throwing myself into college applications, as well as my reading. I feel I need to feed my brain, exercise it like a muscle that has atropied.

I'd forgotten the simple joy of reading, of getting sucked into a book, so that the rest of the world melts away. I spent every summer in my youth reading 10 books at a time. It always drove my mom nuts that I couldn't just read one book at a time. Sometimes I'd just get bored with that book, but was still in the mood to read.

I even found a book on techniques to employ in a pottery bar, such as Our Name is Mud, which gave me some great ideas. I found it while looking for a book on Chinese characters. My idea was to do some simple characters for ideas like hope, faith, courage, truth, beauty and the like. Instead, I stumbled upon this book. I get frustrated that my hands can't do what I want them to do, but I discovered you can trace an image/character/symbol and then place carbon paper on the piece, then retrace the tracing paper to transfer the design to the pottery.

. . .

As for schools, I'm in the midst of the rigamarole. I am filling out applications, took an admissions test for NYU, making appointments for guidance, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and ordering transcripts from my high school, junior college, and 2 4-year colleges, one of which has a hold on my records and the department involved isn't returning my calls.

Somehow, though, I always manage to pull it out of my ass. I hope this will be no exception.

. . .

Jette has said it better than I could about the senseless Mr. Deeds remake. It's like a Saturday Night Live spoof of an absurd remake. Better yet, it's like an opening clip on "The Critic," like the one with Arnold Schwartzenegger masquerading as a Hasidic Jew, sidelocks and all (oy, that damn A Stranger Among Us has been on HBO seemingly everyday this month).

Anyway, I saw Adam Sandler on Wednesday, walking down Columbus. I was sipping a Frappacino and working on a personal tome at the "celebrity" Starbucks on Columbus and 66th Street. I dubbed it that, as it's across from ABC headquarters and is always full of soap stars and the like. (I also saw Kelly Ripa walk by a few minutes later.)

He's extremely fortunate that I was preoccupied and forgot about Mr. Deeds for a moment. Otherwise, I would've kicked his ass for Frank Capra, Gary Cooper and all of America.


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