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Thursday, May 16, 2002
A Geek Among Geeks

"They could release any piece of crap and call it 'Star Wars.' If George Lucas wiped his ass on film, it would make millions. They don't even use toilet paper at his house, they use film."

-guy n front of me n lne

Upon a fateful entrance by Yoda, someone behnd me said, "Kick your ass now, I will."

Of a beautiful, broodng Jedi Knight of my own.

I was at the Coronet n San Francisco, where I saw the remastered versions of Episodes IV-VI.

fray/hope/Star Wars

The midnight show, because I just didn't thnk to buy tickets sooner. I can't believe they played it 24 hours here. But then, I seem to recall that I saw Episode I at the Ziegfeld at somethng like 7:30, after waitng all night for Saturday Night Live tickets.

Not Sarah Michelle Geller as Daphne or Freddie Prnze, Jr. as Fred n Scooby Doo, that's for damn sure.

I am...standng alone n lne at the AMC 25 n Times Square, about to see Episode II.

. . .


Oh, that kicked some serious ass. I thought it was much more n lne with the spirit of the orignal trilogy than Episode I.

I especially liked the touches of our world n this episode -- the dner and the advertisements, n particular.

Wow, Natalie Portman's been workn' those abs!

All those light sabers, all n one place, wielded by such a diverse bunch, positively warmed my heart. That's the knd of thng we need to see right now.

Yoda's been fakng us out with that cane. When he was n that stand-off, I thought he was gong to motion Count Dooku toward him, a la Neo to the agents n The Matrix. But that would've been gong too far, I suppose.

. . .

Which remnds me -- great previews...but I can't believe Matrix: Reloaded and Hulk are still another year away.

Was that a bong I spotted n the Scooby Doo trailer? That fits n with my orignal theory -- that Shag and Scoob are stoners. This nicely explans why they always saw the ghost, usually while on the hunt for munchies. The rest of my theory? Fred and Daphne always volunteered to work as a team when the gang split up, nevitably fndng the secret passage. They were don' it, no doubt. That left Thelma, the hard-workng lesbian, to do all the work and solve the case. Typical!

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