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Tuesday, May 7, 2002
Lookn' for Someone to Love

150 entries snce I started usng GreyMatter, just under a year ago -- hurrah!

Nothng...I forgot spare batteries for my pont & shoot.

Middle School Confessions, which scares the crap out of me as The Boy turns 12 tomorrow and starts middle school n the fall.

Cats & Dogs -- shameful good fun!

Coffy, though durng the blouse-bustng, all-girl fight scene, I thought it was a Russ Meyer film.

Not to mess with Coffey, she keeps razor blades n her wig.

Everythng n sight, especially if it's meat, even chicken will do n a pnch. If you're a vegetarian (or *sigh* a vegan, don't bother to write me a preachy email. You make your choices, I'll make mne.

Nice to know someone else is havng the exact same problem as I did. Damn us socially awkward braniacs. I have to give dumb guys props -- they cut right to the horny-ass chase.

She should read the Girl's Guide to Geek Guys.

The pont -- Grand Skeem, who have covered "Baby Got Back," but who nonsensically employed a plethora of bony-assed white girls to shake their non-existent "backs." It's the Cameron Diaz, can-shakng syndrome. Stop it before it spreads.

His hair, all of it.

I am...not usually attracted to blondes and ndeed when Karen first set her eyes on this one, I was checkng out the raven-haired beauty next to her. But life is funny and, despite what classified ads demand, the personality is more important than the package. When she nuzzled her little button nose under my chn, I knew it was right.

But I have competition from not only Karen, but also from another woman n our buildng who also found themselves entranced with the same sad, little bitch.

To be contnued...

. . .

I am at once sad and happy to report that my little blondie is gone. I was gong to complete this entry with a photo of her, but when I went back to the Groom-O-Rama, she had already been bought. Let's hope she went to a good home.

Karen held her for a mnute and then she came to me for a good, long time. She nuzzled nto my chn for a while and I just wanted to hold her forever. When the man took her away, she looked at me with longng and reached back toward me. Another customer said, "Oh, she's a pro!"

She was the cutest, most sad-lookng Cocker Spaniel you ever did see -- it's no wonder we all fell n love with her. I only wish you could've seen her, what a looker!

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