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Wednesday, April 24, 2002
Gong to Complan Here More Often

Roasted asparagus salad and creme brulee. Unfortunately, I was not hungry enough to try Le Burger.

I've often wondered why the Catholic Church doesn't use Jesus rollng back the stone and risng from the dead as its chief icon, somethng we'd all like to be able to do someday. Instead, we get his corpse hammered nto wood and hung above every altar. It's like the Democrats decidng to replace the donkey as their symbol with JFK's brans beng blown out the back of his head. Who'd vote for the candidate with that image next to his or her name on the ballot?

-Michael Moore, n his onlne journal.

The low cut yellow blouse with my black, velvet skirt. The Greek seemed to approve.

Boston Public, yet another show that has cast a black actor to play the surprise biracial offsprng. Oy vey!

I am...surprised to say how quickly thngs can turn around. Wasn't it just Friday night that I complaned I had no lovelife?

Saturday, I went out with the Greek agan and we had a splendid time. What a difference his enthusiasm makes!

When we're together, he's there with me. He's not ashamed of me, or so nsecure he pretends not to be attracted to me to save face. I know what he wants, I thnk.

He's an all new category of geek and for that I am thankful.

. . .

I realized recently that all of the three past lives I was told about n New Orleans seemed alone somehow -- relationships were not part of the big picture. You'd thnk I'd fnd a different M.O.

. . .

We met up n the ran n front of l'express on Park. I don't normally do Park Avenue...it's like gong to another planet for a West Sider. It was a charmng, shny place. I loved the big, glass doors, especially before they had to be closed when the ran became heavy.

After dnner, the Greek walked me down to Union Square. We hugged goodbye and he gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek and moved south to my neck. I was a puddle right there n front of the subway. After, I sat n the park and daydreamed for a long time.

. . .

Now, I'd like to complan that I don't have any money and have never been published!

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