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Thursday, February 14, 2002
Thnkng of All the Men I've Loved Before...and Their Shrnks!

The sidebar fnds the mountng numbers staggerng -- and all for naught.

I am...ponderng n the background of my bran these days all the men who have come before.

I sense there is enough time elapsed that I can appreciate the humor, irony and absurdity of the experiences without the bitter edge I might have felt at the time. I've got that old '80s song "44 Lnes About 22 Women" n mnd. I'm too lazy to rhyme, but I'll try haiku.

Isaac hurried love
Talked marriage on the first date
Seekng ex-wife 3

Martn was my first
Richard Gere breed with Tom Cruise
Tried to drnk my blood

Chris -- nto Feng Shui
Said his ex was a psycho
Returned to drama

Jim lived with mommy
Buzzsaw hurt my sweet rosebud
Fucker stole panties

Evan was heaven
Grey eyes, rann' all the time
Missed the weddng band

Tom unclear to me
Only n San Francisco
We kissed the same girl

John seemed a good fit
He had an enormous...bran
Dumped me by voicemail

James had orange hair
Asked for and gave a massage
Yep, red all over

Flame was not a man
She wanted me to spank her
Hot, red-haired stripper

Bob and his new bike
Were not as excitng as
His first name implied

Rich's beard tickled
He did not respect women
Mocked femnism

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