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Monday, January 21, 2002
Pluggng away

Snow n Central Park.

"Understandng is a knd of ecstasy."

-- Carl Sagan (via Nerve

Jes, my first reader and gettng all sorts of freelance writng tips.

When Jes said I was stalkng Orlando Bloom. I guess it's hard to take that as a joke when someone who claimed to be your friend does a 180 and says you're stalkng him. As Ana said, his career as a rawk star wasn't exactly thrivng.

Coliseum Books, which is gong out of busness this week, very sad.

JohnE durng his recent visit -- he had to play way out on the Jersey shore, for goodness sake!

Arthur Miller at the 92nd Street Y tonight. I am sad to report I fell asleep because it was cold n there. He talked about how writng has become all about money and greed, rather than art and thus it's nearly impossible for unknown writers with nnovative ideas to break n. He referred specifically to playrightng of course, but the same applies to novels.

A woman exclaim, "He was married to Marilyn Monroe!" as we walked south on Lexngton.

The Royal Tenenbaums with Tavia on Friday night.

What the fuck?

I am...not writng here much because I'm dong research and tryng to figure this whole freelance writng thng out.

I'd like to do an nterview/profile with Orlando Bloom. This came about because I was uncomfortable with all the stuff I saw about him on the web that was written by 13 year olds or at least 36 year olds with the maturity of 13 year olds. I don't deny he is beautiful, but I've never approached anyone that way. When I've found someone fascnatng or their work touches me n some way, my impulse used to be to research them or, if they're still livng, to nterview them. So that's what I'd like to do.

Snce he's an up and comer, I had no luck whatsoever fndng out who his publicist is onlne. I had to get back to work, but I thought, "I just need to get n touch with a producer from that show he was on last week, they'll know who his publicist is." About an hour later, a producer from that very show called me, by accident, tryng to reach someone else at my job. Isn't that amazng? I sent it out there and the universe responded. She didn't book him on the show, but said she'd ask around. The next mornng I had a voicemail from her with the name and number of his publicist. Now I just have to work on a query letter to sell the idea of an nterview with him and, once accepted, fax the request to his publicist. Wish me luck!

I never caught up with my mentor on Saturday, as we'd planned, nstead I used the time to research magaznes that I might submit query letters to. I didn't get as much done this weekend as I planned (turn my resume nto a writng/creative C.V., design letterhead/busness cards, update portfolio, work on travel pages). However, I did get n touch with a couple of writers, discovered some friends have friends who are writers, found lots of nformative web sites, and did a lot of research on Orlando Bloom (discovered he thnks the web and fans on it are "scary," thus he might not be a good pick for an idea I had for another site). I also got some ideas of publications to try that I hadn't thought of and spoke with an editor friend of a friend.

I'm terribly impatient, but I have to give myself credit for stickng with this consistently for several days, so that it becomes a habit, nstead of wastng my bran away watchng TV. I always have a million ideas, the trick for me is focussng on one or two at a time before I get my head spnnng and don't follow through on any of them. So far, so good.

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