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Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Not a He

A "Creamsicle," basically a Pna Colada with amaretto and orange.

Smothered chicken, greens (not slimy at all -- must tell Fang), black-eyed peas and cornbread.

The Greenwich Village Halloween parade. I have never been big on crowds (thus the move to New York), so I didn't want to struggle through them to get home.

The World Series, which is very unlike me, but that's what's on the TV above the bar at Sylvias -- Queen of Soul Food.

Who from high school turned out knky, gay and Scientologist.

With more high school friends, after my biannual search on Classmates.com sparked by someone fndng me.

The ooh-so soft and chubby cheeks of one of my coworkers' baby. He's n daycare n the buildng, so she stops by or I go with her to pick him up. I play with him while she gathers his stuff. Their room used to be right behnd my desk, so I have to remnd myself, especially when I get stressed out, to go play with the babies now and agan and get a fix on their sweet baby smell, grns,giggles and curiosity. I've been clngng to animals and kids lately.


Signs n Harlem, posted on plywood surroundng a construction site:
"Chickens Comng Home to Roost..." but it was torn down, so I could not read the rest.
"Missng: Snce 9/11/01 -- News coverage of African American and Hispanic victims of the WTC attacks. Have you seen them?"

For those who might say I talk about the WTC too much, what can I say? I write about what I feel, thnk, see and experience. We're steeped n it here.

I am...a human, an American, a citizen and a tax payer. All this, quite miraculously, without a penis.

I overheard two men complanng today that there's a bill before the state senate that would require nclusive language n the state constitution. They talked about it like it was a tragedy.

You see where this is gong, right? They started to complan about "political correctness." It's been over 10 years, could this misleadng, oxymoronic, media nvented concept die already?

The very thngs most often described as "PC" are quite the least fittng of the defnition. How is it special treatment or thought police tactics to nclude women n the constitution?

While most women are too stupid to be femnists, they are still full citizens with rights and this should be recognized by all levels of government. I don't accept that "he" is a neutral pronoun. When you use "he," you mean a male, when you hear "he," you thnk of a male.

The very men who whne about such thngs would be the first to stand n lne demandng pronounal representation if legal documents only referred to "she," and "her." Indeed, by logic, those would be the presumed pronouns -- snce all of us start out female.

I'm not sayng one sex is better than another, I am just pontng out how absurd the presumption of maleness (and likewise, whiteness, wealth, and everythng else held dear n this country) is. It is not the only, one, true existence. Get over yourselves.

Pardon me if my heart doesn't bleed because your wee, little dick is threatened by governmental recognition of the existence of 52% of the population. They went on to proclaim which nstruments women should play -- piccolos, flutes and perhaps the oboe. Phallic much?

What will happen if women are acknowledged to exist? Allowed to play the musical nstrument of their choice? The next thng you know, those crazy cunts'll want the vote. Oh? Shit! too late. Well, if we can just keep those negros n their place...

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word. couldn't have said it better myself.

Posted by trouble @ 11/01/2001 03:27 PM EST

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