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Saturday, October 27, 2001


Not the guy, but his laptop. There is somethng seriously wrong with that picture.

I am...sorry I haven't been writng. I'm tired and also so sucked nto the whole cable TV thng. It's quite shameful. I've been workng 10+ hours a day and still not back on my schedule. My boss is beng pretty patient, but I've got to snap out of it.

It just seems like I can only be firm about only workng my regularly-scheduled hours for so long, then I fall so far behnd from the constant nterruptions and daily ntroduction of urgent projects, that I have to get caught up somehow. I've been too exhausted when I get home to use the computer they gave me for anythng that requires much bran power, thus the lack of catch up work and journal entries as well.

I'm also tryng to fix up my "corporate" site, so I can start to seriously pursue freelance writng and design. Great time for that, considerng the economy!

Thank you for your knd emails and patient proddng for more entries. The writng really helps me through any hard times, so its not the thng to cut back on when I start to feel overwhelmed, though it seems always to be the first casualty when I DO get stressed out or am lackng n the energy department.

More soon, I swear.

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