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Sunday, October 21, 2001
Never Gong to Sleep Agan

For the cable guy for three and a half hours.

That Acanit is a babe! I'd only read her journal on my Palm before today.

That we can have men up n our rooms, after all. Now I just have to fnd some cable and phone company uniforms and I'm all set...

My own journal, because I'm self-centered like that.

To Fang for 2 hours -- I love the richness of the words.

I am...gong to have to start takng stimulents to get n all the cable and web survng I can. I just had digital cable and a cable modem nstalled.

I haven't had a TV n three years and so I'm gong a bit overboard. I figure I'll be ndoors most of the wnter.

I've never had high speed access before. In fact, I've gone backwards n the speed department, connectng most recently with my Palm (black and white and mostly text-only) and at 14.4 (max!) with my cell phone.

This is some knd of geek heaven.

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