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Thursday, October 18, 2001
Not Dave Gorman, Are You?


Dave Gorman


Dave Gorman


Complimentary button that reads, "I am Not Dave Gorman, Are You?"


Sweatng it out at the will call table n my teens. I don't know why they forgot for this show, rock bands havng the built-n excuse of beng on dope.


Not meetng Dave Gorman. The publicist and I hit it off on the phone, so she told me to ask for her after the show and she'd ntroduce me to Dave Gorman. (After hearng that name contnously for almost 2 hours, I can't seem to type just "Dave.") She wasn't there tonight, unfortunately.


Givng birth to a Dave Gorman. I would like to help n some way, but, snce I won't even change my name n the unlikely event that I forgo glorious spnsterhood for marriage, I couldn't very well change my name to Dave Gorman, though his $60 reward for such is temptng. This is the only way left for me to aid the Dave Gorman campaign. I was gong to raise my hand when he asked for volunteers last night, but I'm afraid he'd hold me to it.

I am...not Dave Gorman. I've just got n after seeng, "Are You Dave Gorman?" a one-man show by, naturally, Dave Gorman.

I cannot believe how funny it was. I thought he was funny enough on the radio last week, funny enough, n fact, for me to write down the number to the box office and perhaps fnally use some of that money Mom sent me "to save Broadway" to see his show. However, as with the $100 round trip tickets from the West Coast, I thnk I missed the boat on cheap tickets to The Producers. Just as well, snce I spent the money on sex toys, anyway.

But back to Dave Gorman. I did immediately thnk it was a quirky concept and worth a look. A few mnutes nto his nterview with Joey Reynolds on WOR, they gave away tickets, so I called and, hooray for me, I won! I was even on the radio for a few seconds. When Joey asked if I was Dave Gorman, I replied, "No, I'm Erica Jackson, and there are plenty of us, too." He asked how I found them and I told them onlne and thus another of my 15 mnutes was squandered.

Regardless, I was elated to wn somethng (remnded me of beng 15 and buggng the staff at KROQ often enough that they just gave me tickets if I called) and looked forward to the show. The concept is that Dave Gorman is n search of other Dave Gormans. His quest for namesakes has taken him to France, Australia and, of course, New York. What starts as a drunken bet with his ncredulous flatmate turns nto an ncredible, hilarious journey.

Three years ago, I searched Switchboard.com for Erica Jacksons (but only the C spellng) and found about 3 dozen. Only one, amazngly enough also an Erica Lynn(e) Jackson, responded. She's a psychiatrist n Florida and Jackson is actually her first husband's last name, but she kept it even after remarryng, because she was known professionally by that name. We kept missng each other on the phone, but she thought it was neat that I tried to get n touch with other Erica Jacksons.

Between the disappontng results and beng n the midst of movng to New York (the first time), I soon gave up the search. Still, I could relate to Dave Gorman's early experience of people thnkng he was either puttng them on or an nsane freak. Every once n a while I do another search, out of curiousity.

The last time I looked, probably 7 or 8 months ago, I even found other Erica Jacksons with web sites (though, of course, I've got EricaJackson.com, so ha ha!). Besides the psychiatrist n Florida, the high school student n Mississippi and the college basketball star, I discovered about a dozen Erica Jacksons with Amazon.com wishlists. So make sure you've got the right one when the holidays come!

I only wish I'd thought to carry the idea further. Can you imagne my cross-country bus trip, meetng Erica Jacksons all across AmERICA? The mnd wobbles.

I should probably say more about the show, but you really have to experience the multimedia extravaganza that it is for yourself. I laughed the entire time! If you're n New York, call the Westbeth Theatre box office at 212-741-0341 or Ticketmaster -- I command thee!

If you are Dave Gorman (or David, Davy or Davey), you can visit DaveGorman.com or email Dave, he'd love to hear from you.

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