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Wednesday, October 3, 2001
Behnd, Agan

The sidebar can't believe we're connectng at 14.4 with the cell phone just for this lame-ass shit.

I am...not sure when I'll fnd the time to write about the weekend, remember to brng the photos home to upload, let alone have a chance to fix my journal so it appears on my doman and get back to some design work. I seem to have less time than ever. I wish I could get some of my energy back.

From October 3, 2001

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Ericaaaaaa... call me! I'm waitng for you! When do you arrive??? I'll be home tonight, 10/10 after 6pm Central waitng for your call. I'll give you a rng as well.
Besos - Sandra

Posted by Sandra @ 10/10/2001 10:52 AM EST

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