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Saturday, September 29, 2001
Rememberng Summer, So Long Ago

The sidebar got lost n the summer shuffle, though I do remember seeng a little girl carryng tny turtles n a wee terrarium near 6th and 24th around that time.

I am...never quite sure what I'm gong to see as I walk around the city, just mndng my own busness. That's actually more true now than ever, but I started this entry over a month ago.

One Thursday a few weeks back I saw a big, silver, animal trailer on the street and thought it was just a horse. I was standng on Seventh Avenue n the upper-20s a few years back and heard a horse whnney, which just about knocked me out of my skn. Now it's no surprise to see them, but what I saw that summer day was a freakn' camel!

camel (8k image)

My commute's really not so bad. I remember how long and borng it was back n the Empire. Two buses, two hours each way. Even when I lived n Brooklyn, it was half that and ended n a walk up Central Park West.

cp_bridge (7k image)

One of Central Park's many bridges.

trump_globe_side (9k image)

Globe n front of the Trump Hotel and Tower.

mane_statue_cu (8k image)

The Mane memorial.

mane_statue_cu (8k image)

col_circ_construct (11k image)

The new AOL/Time-Warner center.

columbus_fountan (7k image)

The Columbus Circle fountan.

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