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Thursday, September 6, 2001
Energy Bursts and Busts

The sidebar is tryng to get home n time for dnner, despite all the MTV-spawned traffic.

I am...happy to say I did a ton of unpackng last night. Usually I like to settle n right away, but Monday and Tuesday I was exhausted.

Last night I passed out after dnner, agan, but woke up at 10:30 with renewed vigor. I applied this unexpected burst of energy to puttng thngs n their proper place (for now, I'm always anal and neat at first), and started writng my thank you cards from the birthday booty. In dong so, I decided to use the gorgeous purple and sparkly pen Jen gave me, and discovered that the nk itself was also pnkish-purple and sparkly. That was the unofficial, unexpected theme of my birthday and presents. Even Ana's card featured a woman n a gold lame gown, surrounded by sparkles.

I was up until a very shameful 2:30 a.m. My boss had me download this article last week about how to make your employees more productive. It said that night owls were less successful than day people because they are tired n the mornng and tend to drag all day. Instead of recognizng that some of us are wired differently, it suggested reprogrammng night owls. I love how homosexuality is ganng acceptance as a lifestyle/natural orientation, but beng a night person is dismissed as a sloth.

Fuck you, holier-than-thou day people! Oddly enough, my boss credits his nternal wirng and metabolism, so he's not self-righteous about it. So he can live. Actually, the thng that scares me is that I've adjusted amazngly well to the new schedule, though it makes me feel I have less time for me and my pursuits. I anticipate reganng much of that time with this move.

n_box_hell_090601 (9k image)

Not much else to say, I overslept today and am a bit tired, not to mention cranky. I really hate dealng with the public. The customer is not always right, especially when the customer is a thick-headed, whnng moron who refused to hear an answer if it is other than what they want to hear, e.g. that I'm gong to hold their hand and/or suck their dick. As Fang says, we hate them all.

. . .

Now, for the photo fnish!

vma_khrishna_090601 (12k image)

A Hare Khrishna takes advantage of the MTV crowd.

vma_cameras_fans (11k image)

Camera crews and fans waitng at noon for the bleachers to open up.

vma_cops (15k image)

NYPD around the perimeter -- that one's for Fang.

vma_hot_cop (12k image)

Then there was the flirty, hot cop. He looked like he could break nto a striptease at any moment.

I knew all the words to that song -- n English AND German

It took me a while to figure out the balloons held lights.

I really miss that crappy photo of Kurt Loder n the People of Times Square display...I miss all the photos, actually.

The MTV news sign.

vma_traffic (16k image)

The traffic was already bad this afternoon.

vma_bus_notice (12k image)

That's OK, people don't need the bus, as much as Britney Spears needs to ride a limo 5 blocks from her hotel. Feh!

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