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Thursday, August 23, 2001
Workn' Hard for the Money

The sidebar is workn' for the weekend.

I am...n a better mood today, dependng on when you ask. My desk is n a hallway, I can't get my work done with the constant nterruptions and so I'm tryng to figure out how to solve this problem or, perhaps move on. I'm much more of a solitary worker and there could not be many worse environments for me, short of somethng actually abusive or dangerous (I do have some sense of perspective).

It's eerily similar to the situation at Zomba, except that now I have to deal with the public as well, so often the nterruptions are complants, ncludng the man who called me up to scream at me and then did it all over agan n person.

The thng is, I like my boss and the work itself is OK, when I can concentrate enough to do it. It's not what I want to do with my life, but if not for the utter mania at nearly every moment, I could cope just fne. I'm afraid of jumpng ship and havng somethng worse, the same feelng that kept me at Zomba for so long. I don't want to make the same mistake here, but I'm tryng to work with it, snce at least here my boss is willng to work with me as much as he can to streamlne thngs. He's also human and says please and thank you -- that can't be underestimated n this town.

In fairness, I have to mention that the take home pay, while not as much as I'd hoped to get (so I could afford an apartment of my own), is about 25% more than at Zomba, so I'm pretty happy with that as well.

No matter how efficient I become, however, it's not gong to stop random people from nterruptng me because I appear to be a receptionist. This was only supposed to be for two more months, but now they are tellng me it will be another year. I cannot make it that long. I am at my wit's end every day. Why can't I ever fnd jobs like my friends who say they have nothng to do or they surf the web all day or do their own stuff all day long.

While all that would be fabulous -- I just want a fair wage for an honest day's work, to leave at a decent hour and not be so stressed out. I can't even get to the bakery to order my damn birthday cake!

It's been just under 2 months snce I started here and only 6 weeks snce I have been on my own. Still, even when I get near catchng up, 10 more duties are added. I'm not sure where it will end. I didn't move back here to work from 8 until 8, I know that much.

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