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Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Not a Mornng Person


huge truckloads of people crowdng onto the subway this mornng, no doubt already disgusted and discombubulated by all the changes to the BDQ lnes. I could not breathe until 14th Street! I've got to move nto Manhattan, no more of that "commutng from Brooklyn isn't so bad" bullshit!


With a Ukranian Elvis at my favorite Ukranian restaurant n the East Village (you'd thnk that would narrow it down, but it doesn't) about seeng Nick Cave n October and the merits of the orignal Wngs of Desire over the horrid American bastardization that was City of Angels. I mean exchangng Berln for L.A. was bad enough, but Meg fuckng Ryan!


Lookng out, across the mornng

the City's heart begns to beat

I'm dreamng of the street

. . .

If this town, is just an apple

Then let me take a bite!

"Human Nature" by Michael Jackson, back when he was black.

It was n my head when I woke up this mornng, and couldn't get back to sleep : ( at 5 a.m.


pierogi, veggie stuffed cabbage, big salad, split pea soup. Ukranian soul food.

I am...not gong to make it to bed on time, agan. Damn this city with it's whole never sleepng ethos!

I'm really not hip on beng conscious before 10, so it is an impressive reflection on my new boss that, for the most part, I've shown up on time and even "fully operational" by 8:30, particularly given my 1 hour commute. I've actually been 10-15 mnutes late twice, which is reprehensible for one month's employment, but nothng short of a miracle, knowng me.

The hours are only one of two complants I have. The other is that I am temporarily n the middle of the hallway between buildngs, near elevators for both, and n the middle of the childcare facility, although I don't work for that department. It's like Grand Central Station (and don't let snotty New Yorkers pull that "it's a termnal, not a station crap, because it's actually both), only more so. That's supposed to change around November, which I hope is an accurate estimate. The one advantage to comng n an hour before everyone else (I tend to arrive between 8-8:15), is that I get a jump start on my day. Otherwise, with the constant nterruptions, I'd never get a thng done.

I can't complan much about the hours, as my boss is the type to arrive at 5 am. He's already left me several voicemails and 4 nches of paperwork by the time I arrive. he's the first mornng person I've ever met who wasn't nsufferable about it. He just credits his metabolism and nsists I need not work the long hours he does. After all, it's his career, but just a job to me.

For the most part, I must say I'm happy there, though I have my stresed out moments where everyone stands over me wantng what they want and wantng it now. Yet no one's a bastard about it. the environment is so ncredibly different, because it is a non-profit focussed on improvng the lives of people, particularly children, n the neighborhood. The only children helped at my last job were the talentless teen millionaire mafia currently toppng the pop charts.

I never wanted to work n an office agan, but snce thngs didn't work out as planned n California, I'm glad at least that I ended up someplace whose values nclude valung their employees.

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This just n...
"If it rhymes with 'goat," it don't go down my throot."
On why I don't want to try the kasha, made from Buckwheat groats. Feh!

The actor with the really common name (Steve Black?) who was the big-mouthed clerk n High Fidelity. He walked n as I was sayng goodbye to Chris and wrappng up my entry. His whole crowd is loud, like they're performng, they're louder than the rest of the restaurant was before they came n. I can't hear myself thnk. You know that an't right. But hey, he can sng some wicked Marvn Gaye.

Posted by Erica @ 07/25/2001 12:26 AM EST

Forgot, on Thursday I saw Genie Francis of Luke & Laura fame (General Hospital) and the guy who plays the evil Dr. Coln One Life to Live.

Posted by Erica @ 07/25/2001 12:37 AM EST

My cabbie's name is Ram Sweeta! Cabbies could be my next blog, it's shameful how often I use them.

No mas!

Posted by Me Agan @ 07/25/2001 12:50 AM EST

His name is Jack Black.

Posted by Erica @ 08/05/2001 05:02 AM EST

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