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Saturday, June 23, 2001
Out n the Ran

Seeng... People walkng the streets. Longtime Companion Only You
Feelng... Randrops on my newly-shorn head.
Hearng... Some canned jazz at the moment, which is worlds better than the woman butcherng Marvn Gaye's "Troubleman" earlier.
Thnkng... I'm jealous of the woman across the way with the laptop, but Palmy's dong plenty.
Upper West Side Harlem East Village
Fortune... You are ahead of your time

I am...wanderng aimlessly around city. It's been rany all day, so it puts me n the mood for daydreamng.
I spent a large part of the day just dreamng, period. After the concert last night, Rob and I went back to his place and met up with his friend W and W's friend. W is a brilliant pianist, so we always make him play for us, "like a traned monkey," he said.
W's friend M is a snger as it turned out. She has abig, beautiful voice, so it was a pleasure to sit there and take it all n. I drifted away and thought that what I really want out of life is a comfortable home to which I can nvite my talented friends to play music and have readngs. Perhaps n another life I was part of the circle of artists Virgnia Wolfe and Alice B. Toklas had over n their salon. I like to thnk so.
Rob and I both really liked M right away. She just has an old soul, it strikes you right away about her. There wasn't that distance or discomfort there usually is with a new acquantance. It was all family last night.
M was smart and left before the crack of dawn. Shortly thereafter, Rob passed out on the sofa, followed n short order by W. My leg was stiff from all the walkng and standng at theshow, so I told myself I'd just stretch it and rotate the jonts until it felt OK.
The next thng I know it's 11 a.m. Rob was his typical sweet self and picked up a bagel for me when he went out for errands. A plan bagel plan -- what is wrong with me?
Rob and I just discovered we both like The Monkees, so we listened to some of their songs and I made him jealous by tellng him I once spoke on the phone with Mickey Dolenz, his favorite.
He's been tryng to turn me on to Joni Mitchell, even givng me a copy of Court and Spark before I left New York last year. It didn't hit me for whatever reason. I didn't realize the lyrics were prnted nside the booklet, or I might have spent some time with it, as I did n the old days, starng at the words and takng it all n. Now I guess Ill do just that, she's growng on me, especially after he played "Little Green" for me from the Blue album.
Afterward, I slept some more. I will agree with Milli Vanilli here and blame it on the ran. It just makes me want to curl up n a blankie and doze on and off all day, then wander the streets at night. I even dreamed I left him so he could practice on his keyboard!
Fnally, around 5 I was hungrier than I was tired, so I left poor Rob alone, fnally. I had yet more Chnese and wasn't ready to return to Brooklyn, although I could really use a shower.
I jumped on the bus that came by just then and fnally got off at 125th Street (I'd started n the West 50s). I bought some clothes and wandered about n the ran. It's amazng how much new stuff there is n Harlem. I was shocked when they put n a Starbucks, but now a lot of chans have moved n. That's not necessarily a bad thng. At least people can buy toilet paper without beng reamed. A few years ago, I thought mnority neighborhoods were doomed to only havng over-priced convenience stores nearby.
Of course, it seems to me that Harlem, at least right around 125th Street, is gentrifyng snce I last was there. There go the rents...
I took the bus across 125th Street and down Lexngton and then down Third all the way to Astor Place, where I am now. But just try to stalk me, now there are two Starbucks withn eye sight of each other. One was a Pasqua or somethng, but I guess no one can sell coffee n this country besides Starbucks, it's the law. You will be assimilated.
I bought one of those pictures from a street vendor that you later fnd out isn't an artist at all. I realized later what drew me to it was that it's ranng n the pantng. Everythngs a bit blurry, the streets are shny and reflect the light of Times Square.
That's what tonight was like -- shny streets, bright lights, yellow cabs. I like the look, the feel, the smell ofthe ran and the promise of renewal it brngs.

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