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Wednesday, May 23, 2001
Repeatng My Mantra: 8 More Days...

The almost-forgotten sound of screamng

Apparently n the closet day on the Biography channell -- Rock Hudson, Sal Mneo, Anthony Perkns and Liberace, who, as John ponted out when I visited his office and took n his Elvis and Liberace shrnes -- was proved not gay n a court of law!

8 more days! James made the arrangements for my ticket yesterday. It even allows a stopover n San Francisco, so everythng's workng out, fnally. What a relief!

I am...n the doghouse and my mother had only been home from vacation for 10 seconds. I thnk that's a new record.

I spent the day cleanng the bathroom, livng room and kitchen and dong laundry. Their laundry. I am on my third load of towels, plus a two loads of sheets and blankets I've done for them over the past few days. I use the same towel everyday and wash it with my clothes, so one would thnk I'd get some credit for dong work solely for their benefit. One obviously doesn't know my mother.

I burned up her $4000 grass and that's all that matters. Not that I did my brother's chores or cleaned out the garage so you can walk around n it. It only matters what I did not do, which is probably why I had trouble musterng the effort to do much of anythng while they were gone because no matter how much I did do, it would go unnoticed.

I didn't hear so much as a thank you for her Mother's Day present. Not even an acknowledgement, even. I should have stuck with my orignal thought of not botherng to get her anythng, considerng the whole pont of the holiday. But I try not to be petty.

After two weeks and three and a half days of peace, quiet and dong as I pleased, it was a rude awakenng. I didn't expect it to be The Sound of Music, but I thought I could go a few seconds without screamng. Of course, she didn't notice any of the thngs I did do, so I might as well have laid around and masturbated the whole time they were gone.

Eight more days...

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