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the tattoo 'burb

I have two tattoos, one from each of the cities I love: San Francisco and New York.

The first one is a panda bear with a yin yang in place of his original markings. I wanted to get a yin yang for a couple of years, but I wanted something unique, that no one else could walk in and point to on the wall.

One day it hit me, because pandas have always been a favorite of mine, my dog was even named Pando. It represents my opinion that a lot of the divisions in society can work in harmony, rather than division -- I'm biracial, bisexual, bicoastal and bipolar.

It turns out that this one is an optical illusion. Most people see the panda, or the yin yang, or even the initials "PJ," but it takes a minute before the whole image hits them.

The second one is a sun flower with the center hollowed out and the leaves extending straight out. Like my first one, it is a blended symbol, so that the flower itself is in the form of a woman's symbol.

It represents the strength and beauty of women and reminds me that women, myself especially, can be (and are) many things, not just pretty or smart or strong -- but all of the above.

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