Dinner at the Rio

Somehow I managed not to get any pictures of lunch at New York, New York.  There was no place we could all sit together and Jennifer and I were feeling The slots at the Rio, as seen from the shopping mall area, abovefunky, so we didn't ride the roller coaster or stick around to play video games.  The best plan, it seemed, was to take a nap and gamble a bit, before meeting the rest of the Squishites for dinner.

Jennifer and I arrived early and I played a couple of slots.  I stupidly didn't cash in my "credits" and promptly lost them.  Still, I only really gambled $2.50 of my own money and won about $25.  The rules seemed to be that a) I could only play one coin at a time, b) I could not sit down at the machine, but just sort of cruise by, c) I had to find a slot with a handle, push button only machines were no use to me.  Except for the one mistake (not understanding the "credits" I'd won on the first spin could be cashed in, rather than just gambled), I was pretty good about walking away before I lost anything.  Tricky Vegas mind controlling bastards!

Someone decided we'd meet at the seafood buffet at the Rio.  I thought 18 hungry Squishitesthat sounded good, as the restaurants previously suggested were in the $15-20 range, a little rich for my blood and the buffets seemed inexpensive.  The Rio buffet was almost twice that.  It was good, but you know, I'm not independently wealthy.  Poor Jennifer doesn't even like most seafood, though fortunately for her there were other things to eat.

By the time they were able to seat all 18 or 19 of us, which looked Kristin, Carol & Allison hopeless at one point, we were about to go all Donner Party up in there.  Once everyone got their plate filled, there was no talking whatsoever for a good 10 minutes until we were satiated.

I have to mention here that my digital camera picked this of all weekends to have a fit of some sort.  It takes gorgeous pictures of the cat, but pooped out on the SquishyCon.  On Friday night I tried to take a picture of Pamie three times and, though the flash nearly blinded her by the third try, no picture ever Fred, Jen, me, Alopekis, Carrieregistered.  If some of these are a little dark, it's nothing compared to how many I didn't get at all.  Damn technology!

I had no idea the buffet included dessert, so boy did I feel stupid bringing 4 dozen cookies.  Of course, I can't think of the last time they weren't scarfed down, either.  I guess it's just a habit for me to bring dessert, as usually people ask why I haven't if I ever don't do so.  Usually my cookies' reputation proceeds them.  

Later, as we we left Tong's, Pamie told me her housemate Ray referred toChris, Pamie & Eric the cookies I'd sent her for Christmas as "The Poison Cookies."  Jennifer and I joked that it was all part of my dastardly plan to eliminate the popular journallers.  Watch out Dora, Jade & Jen!  I'll work on Kymm, Xeney and more next year, mwahahahahahaha...

Pamie wagged her finger at me when I took this picture, since I didn't prepare them first.  I really like candid shots better than posed ones, so sometimes I'm sneaky like that.  She needn't worry, she looks fabulous, as always.

I also could barely give away the Polaroids.  I thought it would be nice for people who didn't bring cameras to have a couple of Polaroids to commemorate the occasion.  Some people just wanted digital pics.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like something I can put on my desk, in a frame or into an album.  Oh well, the best laid plans...

Anna Beth, Mike and Hannah after dinner

Anna Beth, Allison, Mike and Hannah

After dinner, the brave people went to the Stratosphere to go on the roller coaster and the bouncy thing up top.  What's up with the roller coasters after meals, anyway?  As Jennifer said, they must have tummies of steel.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and I took in the view at the Stratosphere and then met up with the others for a final night of drinking, karaoke and general carousing at Tong's.


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