Fong's Garden

Jennifer and I thought we were lucky, the karaoke place where the Squishites were to meet first was just a few blocks from our hotel. We were the only ones staying downtown.

We found the place right away and were relieved to see a handful of other Squishy readers. One of whom, Carol, we recognized from the So Cal Cool Girls meeting we'd had in November.

I was surprised to turn in my seat and see a woman singing along to The Ronnettes' version of Carol King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," as I thought it was the radio. Singer after singer was so good, it was like they were channeling Kenny Rogers and Carol King. What had we got ourselves into?

All we'd had in the car on the drive to Vegas was snacky foods -- chips, cookies, sodas -- like a couple of 12 year olds left to our own devices. I was completely I try to drink out of a giant seashellfamished. I ordered beef chow fun, but they were out of it. That should have been our first clue. I ordered chicken chow fun instead and a scorpion to drink.

After a few minutes, my drink arrived and, instead of coming in a big, with scary creatures on each side for handles, as shown on the menu, it was served in a giant sea shell, which was impossible to drink from.  Moreover, it was $7.50, instead of $4. That should've been our second clue.

I asked where Alopekis was, since she was the other So Cal Cool Girl Carol had come with.  She explained that the early arriving group had taken two cabs after dinner and, though the other cab left first, they had still not arrived. Everyone was starting to worry, as it had been at least 15 or 20 minutes since the first group arrived.

The next thing you know, the waitress came over and asked if there was a Fred in our party.  Indeed, just to my right was Fred.  He had a phone call. It was the missing group of Squishites.  They were with Pamie at another Chinese restaurant/karaoke bar, called Tong's Palace.

I cancelled my dinner order, paid for my overpriced and mostly intact Scorpion and off we went to Tong's.

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