Jennifer and I in the elevator going up to the observation deck.  I figured it would be a great shot for FOJM.

Mirrors all around the Stratosphere elevator made endless Ericas and Jennifers

I'm not terribly afraid of heights, but I don't like to tempt fate.  I took a few pictues outside, before retreating from the cold, wind and fear of my clumsiness.  The inside wasn't much better, however.  Like Fred, I could easily imagine myself tripping into the windows and plummetting to my death.  The signs warning patrons not to lean on the glass were not at all comforting, either.

The bright spot of this picture is the Sahara.  I'm sorry I didn't get a better picture of it, as it's one of the few remaining old school Vegas casinos.  It's really gorgeous at night -- not just neon, but luminous.

The bright spot is the Sahara

The Strip

The Strip

The Strip again

another view of The Strip

and once more

The Strip

Somehow, I lost Jennifer and couldn't even find her after walking all the way around the observation deck.  I thought I saw her going into the bathroom stall next to mine as I came out.  We stopped and looked at each other, but instead it was Pamie.  

This was lucky indeed.  Not only did she tell me everyone was heading over to Tong's, but she also she bumped into Jennifer downstairs while I was taking another lap around the observation deck.  A few minutes later they paged "Erica Johnson," so I knew to meet Jennifer downstairs.

Thematically, you might want to check out more neon.

Chronologically, might I suggest Saturday night at Tong's?

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